Elcardia x30
Online: 53


Server Rates

EXP/SP: x30
Adena: x7
Seal Stones: x4
Raid Boss EXP/SP: x15
Spoil: x7
Keymats Drop/Spoil: x1
Raid Boss Drop: x5
Drop: x7
Manor: x2
Epic Boss Drop: x1


Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 56%
Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 60%

Game Features

GMShop (Max. B-Grade)
Mana Potions (500 MP, 5 sec Cooldown)
NPC Buffer (Include all buffs + Hot Springs, 2h duration)
Auto-learn skills (Except Divine Inspiration)
Global Gatekeeper
Skill "Escape: 30 seconds" or /unstuck
1st Class Transfer (50K Adena)
Subclass (Items required from Cabrio / Hallate / Kernon / Golkonda + Top B Weapon + 984 Cry B)(Need to take quest from Reorin at Giran)
2nd Class Transfer (700K Adena)
Subclass 6 Subclasses + Main (No need to level up previous Subclasses to level 75 to add new one)
3rd Class Transfer (700 Halisha's Mark from Shrine of Loyalty + 50KK Adena. Without Quest)
(Halisha's Mark are tradeables)
Noblesse (Full Retail Quest)
Olympiad circle 7 days. (Maximum Enchant +6)
Olympiads time 20:00 - 01:00 (GMT +2)
Non-class 5 minimum participants to begin
Class based disabled
Buff Slots: 24 (28 with Divine Inspiration LVL 4)
Skill Sweeper Festival added (Scavenger level 36)
Skill Block Buff added
Maximum delevel to keep Skills: 10 Levels
Configurable Auto Pick-up
Shift + Click to see Droplist (Rate x1)
Global Shout & Trade Chat
Retail Geodata and Pathnodes
Seven Signs (Open 24/7 without registering)
Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon at towns
Dimensional Rift (Min. 2 people in party to enter)
Tyrannosaurus drop Top LS with fixed 50% chance
Fast Augmentation System (Using Life Stones from Inventory)
Chance of getting skills (Normal 2%, Mid 3%, High 5%, Top 4%)
Wedding System with 60 seconds teleport to husband/wife (command .gotolove)

Clans, Alliances & Limits

Max Clients/PC: 3
Max Clan Members: 80
Max Clan Members at Epic Zones: 36 (4 Party)
Alliances allowed (Max 3 Clans)
Max Alliance Members at Epic Zones: 36 (4 Party)
No Clan Penalties
Alliance penalty reset at daily restart (7 AM)
Characters without a clan cannot enter Epic Zones
To bid for a Clan Hall required Clan Level 6
To register on a Siege required Clan Level 5
Olympiads, Sieges and Epic Boss PvP Zones limited to 1 character by PC same time

Voting System

Vote Rune as reward (🕜 Duration 12 Hours).

Increases your P. Def and M. Def by 6%, Movement Speed by 4%.

Vip Buff Pass [3 hours] as reward (🕜 Each 12 Hours).

You can use them to buy premium account status or various items in our Donation Shop

9x Vote Medal as reward (🕜 Each 12 Hours).

You can use them to buy Runes with extra bonuses and other various items in our Event Shop

All those Quests are x3

Relics of the Old Empire
Gather The Flames
Alliance with the Ketra Orcs
Alliance with the Varka Silenos
War with Ketra Orcs
War with the Varka Silenos
The Finest Food
A Powerful Primeval Creature
Legacy of Insolence
Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1
Exploration of Giants Cave Part 2
Seekers of the Holy Grail
Guardians of the Holy Grail
Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force
The Zero Hour
Delicious Top Choice Meat
Heart in Search of Power
An Ice Merchants Dream
Yoke of the Past
Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe

Raid Bosses & Epics (Times in GMT +2)

All Raid Boss

24 - 36 hours respawn

Anakim & Lilith

56 - 84 hours custom respawn
(Free teleport at Disciples. Don't need Seven Signs)

Core (Jewel +1 STR +1 DEX) (Level 80)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 20:00 - 21:00

Orfen (Jewel +1 INT +1 WIT) (Level 80)

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 20:00 - 21:00

Ant Queen (Level 80)

Tuesday and Friday 21:00 - 22:00

Zaken (Level 80)

Monday and Thursday 21:00 - 22:00

Frintezza (Level 80)

Wednesday and Saturday 21:00 - 22:00
(Minimum 4 party in CC to enter and all members inside small room)

Baium (Level 80)

Sunday 21:00 - 22:00

Antharas (Level 80)

Every 2 Saturday 22:00 - 23:00
(Alternating with Valakas, one of them each Saturday)

Valakas (Level 80)

Every 2 Saturday 22:00 - 23:00
(Alternating with Antharas, one of them each Saturday)

Subclass Raids (Cabrio, Kernon, Hallate, Golkonda)

18h + 30 min random time respawn

Noblesse Raid (Barakiel) (Level 72)

6h + 30 min random time respawn

Varka’s Hero Shadith

12 - 13 hours (4th lvl of alliance with Ketra)

Ketra’s Hero Hekaton

12 - 13 hours (4th lvl of alliance with Varka)

Varka’s Commander Mos

12 - 13 hours (5th lvl of alliance with Ketra)

Ketra’s Commander Tayr

12 - 13 hours (5th lvl of alliance with Varka)

All Epics and Raid Bosses named individually above (+Ember) have been increased to make it really challenging to beat them, and consequently they also drop more Event Medals than normal raids.

Voiced Commands


Open window to vote for the server.


Get a reward after voting.


Detailed character customization.


Configure auto use CP / HP / MP.

.raid or .rb

To check raid boss status.


To check epic boss status.


Shows the time left on your active subscription.


Shows the time left on your active runes.


Starts Offline Shop/Craft for maximum of 7 days.


Exchange 500.000.000 adena for 1 goldbar.


Exchange 1 goldbar for 500.000.000 adena.


If your character stuck or boot up screen not end. (do .repair with another char in same account)

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